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Established in 2009, PT Semacom Integrated, well known as SEMACOM is the one of leading switchgear & switchboard manufacturer in Indonesia. We are evolving company. Formerly, we are non type-tested panel manufacturer. Since 2009, we are type-tested panel manufacturer. We are the pioneer of panel maker that licensed as local partner for type-tested panel manufacturing.

As pioneer for underlicensed panel manufacturing means; SEMACOM provide the wealth of the world class brands know-how at any local condition; SEMACOM bring the wide range of products on fast, flexible and favourably priced; and, to ensure high performance products, SEMACOM are permanently audited as qualified manufacturer. Therefore, our product and services has quality guarantee and full back up warranty by many of  world class brands. Our milestone are certifications as the Siemens Technology Partner since 2009 and the Hyundai Electric Business Partner since 2018. Furthermore, we also produce customized switchboard.

Now, SEMACOM are setting up the next-whole new level of panel manufacturer on GOLDEN LIGHT Group as holding company. We are fully supported by PT Semarak Lestari Mulia – panel component distributor to enhance limitless component supply. We are co-located with PT Multi Integrasi Lestari – metal sheet fabrication to ensure responsive panel enclosure supply chain.

SEMACOM commits to state the management system according to TUV Rheinland certification on BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001. Our board of management and production consist of responsive and devoted resources. We are fully back up by panel maker expertise, especially on type-tested LV and MV panel. We perform each projects with qualified and expertized engineering team that has excellent track record on their field.

SEMACOM puts its objective on deliver the best, economize, and reliable solution to ease our customers on their project accomplishment. Our customer satisfaction is the future. Therefore, we are devoted to ease the future.





To enhance SEMACOM as a reputable and reliable for the best quality switchboard & switchgear manufacturer,  both on local and international market share.



To provide type-tested and customized switchboard & switchgear which are delivered on conforming to international standards with competitive pricing but concern on safety and quality as priority.


  • Advanced Workshop

Our advanced machinery has been designed to endure the most efficient & effective of high quality production process. Our production lines are based on;

  • CNC system;
  • Metal Sheet Punching & Bending
  • Busbar Punching & Bending
  • Powder Coating.
  • Latest Testing Equipment
  • Dielectric Test
  • Secondary Injection.
  • Reliable Warehouse
  • Display Panel

Our Licenses & Certification

To ensure the global quality and environmental standards, we have been referred to several assurances.

A member of  Golden Light Group

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